Grand River Greenway & Explorers Trail

Acquisition of additional greenway properties and construction of the Explorers Trail, a 30-mile pathway connecting Grand Rapids to Grand Haven. Construction begins in the spring of 2017 in Robinson Township, with a segment connecting Connor Bayou, M-231, and Riverside Park.



The joy of nature woven into everyone’s lives.
Bridging community to nature.

The natural features in Ottawa County make it a desirable place to live, work, and play. People of all ages crave connection to the wonderful variety of outdoor experiences that Michigan offers. But these experiences require a place to go, and most people don’t have their own significant green space. We are committed to investing in green spaces in Ottawa County by purchasing, maintaining, and facilitating the access to many diverse parks that can be enjoyed by all.

  • We are focused on providing more green space and recreational opportunities in Ottawa County.

  • Ottawa County Parks has a proven track record of quality and public approval. Our additional support provides the margin of excellence for our parks.

  • We raise money for specific, strategic purchases that will increase access to and diversity of park land. Our support ensures the financial sustainability of the parks system.

  • We can leverage a variety of gifts of any size for maximum impact.

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