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The joy of nature woven into everyone’s lives.

The Ottawa County Parks Foundation (the Foundation) is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed benefiting the Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission (the Parks Commission). The Foundation relies on private donations and grants to do its work.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from the community with a passion for Ottawa County Parks and is wholly independent of the Parks Commission. The Foundation invests donations and approves the use of funds when requested by the Parks Commission. While the Parks Commission may request funding for an initiative from the Foundation, the Foundation Board of Directors ultimately decides if the funding is approved.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is especially diligent overseeing dedicated contributions earmarked by donors for a specific project or initiative. When donors make dedicated contributions, a gift agreement is signed by both parties (Ottawa County Parks Foundation and the donor) forming a contract directing the use of donated funds exclusively for the agreed upon purpose.

The Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission was formed in 1987 by the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners to enhance parks and recreational services for the residents of Ottawa County.

The Parks Commission is a policy-making body charged with administration and management of Ottawa County’s Parks properties. The Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission acquires and maintains park properties, implements park improvements, and offers educational programming to the community based on their most current Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan.

The primary source of funding for the Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission is a 10-year millage that was renewed in 2016 with over 70% support from county voters. The steady growth of Ottawa County’s population and its Park system has required that funding from the parks millage be shifted away from acquisition and towards operations and maintenance, as originally planned.

To continue expansion of services, including the acquisition of new properties and facility development, the Parks Commission looks to the Foundation for financial support.

Copy of Updated Organization Diagram (1366 x 2000 px) by Angela Miller-Niarhos