Bend Area Open Space Scavenger Hunt

1. Stand at the current end of the Idema Explorers Trail. When the trail is completed to the west, to what “Grand” city will it extend?

2. Walk east from the point above, and find the sugar maples planted in rows. What were the planters of these trees planning to use them for?

3. As you continue east, find the large scale embedded in the old paved road. What was the scale used to weigh?

4. Along the main entrance road (12th Avenue), look for oak trees with unique leaves like these. What’s the common name of this oak?

5. Look for these woodland wildflowers beyond the big rock trail entrance off the main road.

6. Look for the Moss House – a former farmhouse between the trailheads on the east side of 12th Avenue. What type of roofing does it have?

7. As you walk toward the river beyond the blue gate, look for this set of tracks. What do you suppose they were used for?

8. From the parking lot at the end of 12th Avenue, walk down to the gravel beach and find the PVC tube stuck in the ground. With which recreational activity is it associated?

9. Locate these two types of vines in the bottomland forest near the river’s edge. Which one is poison ivy?

Do NOT touch the poison ivy!

10. Find the river overlook where the canal meets the river. Which recreational opportunity lies just east of the canal?

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Answer Key

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