A small group of Ottawa County Michigan residents formed an all-volunteer committee in the summer of 2015 with the intent to form a Parks Foundation. Initial discussions included a desire to build a fund of donations for short-term park enhancements and possible property acquisition projects. Donations would also be used for long-term investment to assist with future development, sustainability, and maintenance of park properties.

Assets held by the Ottawa County Parks Foundation (OCPF) could be invested for planned future use or could be distributed at the direction of the board of directors in cooperation with and under agreement of a MOU with the Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Commission.

The first project of the Ottawa County Parks Foundation has been the Grand River Greenway (including land or easement purchase and trail construction). The OCPF also supports Ottawa County Parks & Recreation with property acquisition and enhancement efforts. Most recently the OCPF Board accepted the challenge to financially support nature education programs starting in 2021, in addition to supporting land acquisition and special park projects.

The Ottawa County Parks Foundation raises funds to assist the Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Commission in achieving goals for acquiring land, developing parks and providing parks and recreation services and nature education programs forĀ  residents and visitors of Ottawa County. Programs to achieve these goals include various fundraising initiatives including efforts to secure donations of estates, solicitation of general donations from individuals and foundations, mail and email solicitations, fundraisers including annual event. Learn more about how you can support Ottawa County Parks.

Board of Directors

Anita Yoder, President

Dr. Kate Remlinger, Vice President

Pete Esser, Treasurer

Dr. Barb W. Brown, Secretary

Bobbi Jones Sabine

Cathy Feyt

Dr. Deb Sturtevant

Jane Longstreet

Jessica Gregory

Tim Grunwald

Jason Shamblin, Parks Director